Relax in the hot spring, relax in the room and be delighted with the gastronomic ... Popular retreat where all three beats are complete
Yu-no-Yado, Irifune
A place to sneak up and relax.

【Official】Yunoyado IRIFUNE

Yu-no-Yado, Irifune

Healing of hot springs, Relax your room, Food for delight
Re-suggestion of a ryokan style that I had forgotten


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Yu-no-Yado, Irifune


Kosato 834 - 2 Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture

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About 50 minutes by car from Kumamoto IC Kyushu Road towards Aso.Former Aso Town Office 1 minute from the Former Aso Town Office (office building in the back)
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  • I will make one dish all the mind full of satisfactory cuisine.

    I pledge that I will not cut into a dish for each dish.

    I want to give "excitement" rather than just "satisfaction".I think that way so I can cook every day.
    "Dinner" can be said to be the biggest mountain of travel.I hope to make dishes that will remain in your memory.

    Self-grown vegetable garden and carefully selected materials

    Regarding foodstuffs, we are using vegetables raised at our own vegetable garden and rice made from the parents' home of service managers, as much as possible, using ingredients stuck with homemade products.
    Regarding Higo cattle and horse sashimi etc, our owner chef tastes it and we are offering it only for those I thought as "delicious".

    Enjoy the passion for "food" that is possible only because it is a small inn in all 7 rooms.


  • Enjoy three sources.

    Aso · Uchinomaki Onsen which is also one of the leading spa town in Japan.It is famous also that there are many hot spring facilities to enjoy fresh hot water.
    It is one of the major features of the hotel that you can enjoy three different kinds of careful selection among such Aso · Uchinomaki Onsen.
    The temperature of the Aso of the earth, please come to pleasure the natural grace of Aso

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