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Enjoy two sources.

Aso · Uchinomaki Onsen which is also one of the leading spa town in Japan.It is famous also that there are many hot spring facilities to enjoy fresh hot water.
It is one of the major features of the hotel that you can enjoy two different kinds of careful selection among such Aso · Uchinomaki Onsen.
The temperature of the Aso of the earth, please come to pleasure the natural grace of Aso

Open Air Bath


I feel the change of the season in an outdoor bath …

The open-air bath of irifune can enjoy milky white, high-temperature bath and low-temperature bath. Please enjoy the difference in your preference. Please enjoy the Japanese open-air bath with four seasons

Inner bath


Hot water adjustment is your choice.

The inner  bath is divided into two layers, the top is hot and the bottom is warming hot water a little.When sitting in a bathtub made of rocks that emit far-infrared rays, just the feet can be soaked in hot water and promote blood circulation.You can quickly get in a hot bath.You can relax and take a hot bath.A high ceiling made by imagining an old-fashioned “yuya”, a thick beam … Please enjoy fresh water with “Nostalgia” that makes you feel somehow.

  • 貸切風呂 たまちゃん
    貸切風呂 たまちゃん
5 private baths

Free family bath for lodging. It’s 24 hours open


Relaxing with family and important people

There are five private baths for Irifune.All the baths are filled with fresh hot water and you can enjoy the bathing as much as you like during your stay (guests can take a bath for 24 hours a day, free of charge any number of times).Relax and enjoy bathing without worrying about people’s eyes.Dressing stations, etc. are a bit small, but I would be pleased if you can enjoy the difference in spring quality with different bathtubs.
※Charged hot water is not a reservation system.

貸切風呂 火山石

Different spring quality


This hot water can be used by both men and women

※ colorless and transparent
※ I also use it for the shower.
Dragon bath
Sleeping bath: You can enjoy the starry sky

One-day hot springs

入船 日帰り温泉

【Large Communal Bath】

Adult (from middle school student) ¥ 500

Child (elementary school student from 3 years old) ¥ 200

【Family hot water(Private Bath)】

Natural rock hot water:¥ 1,200

Ouja-no-yu:¥ 1,400

Hakuchou-no-yu:¥ 1,400

Tama Chan-no-yu:¥ 1,600

Kazan-Seki no yu:¥ 1,600

※Opening Hour(all rooms):50 minutes

【Opening Hours】

13:00 to 21:00(End of reception at 20 o’clock)

Closed: Undefined holiday (The schedule for the holiday will be announced on the homepage)

※Charged hot water is not a reservation system.


This notice is only not spring water user’s not for our staying guest.


Time:13PM  to 20PM